About Us

When thinking of church furniture, many people only think of the traditional furnishings of their childhood. Wooden pews, lecterns, bible stands, stained glass windows and kneelers are all common sights in older church buildings. However many of these pieces of furniture’s history and value is beyond what is visible to the naked eye.

This is what we at Church Furnishings hope to both provide and receive.

Church Furnishings is a blog spot, dedicated exclusively to news and information on church furniture or furnishings, from the earth shattering articles through to simple trivia or history. Many churches are a fundamental part of the landscape in the western world, so the history can span decades or even centuries. We welcome articles and blogs from contributors on this subject or anything that will capture our readers’ imagination.

Even the smallest church has a rich and unique history, with every stained glass window telling a story to those who are listening. For those with a passion for the past this delivers a powerful story and informative history just waiting for future generations to discover it.

If you feel you have some information that will add to our database of articles on church furnishings. It can either be a slice of history, modern church designs or simply just something interesting that you have noticed in your local church.

Nothing is too insignificant to be published at Church Furnishings.