Furniture and Furnishings for Churches

Churches are typically a specialised affair, miles away from any standard establishment that you might have in mind. Not only that, you must have noticed that over time church architecture has not undergone any major or dramatic changes. Similarly, interior furniture, fixtures and furnishings too have withstood the test of time and the basic pattern has remained the same. This is true universally. Walk into a church in any continent and you will find that the environment is more or less the same.

Church furniture starts with the pews. That’s the first thing that draws your attention in a church. Rows upon rows of polished gleaming pews add to the sombre mood of this place of worship. These are made of the finest wood to stand the test of time and hardly ever need any replacement. Then there is the lectern in front of the priest and it is here that a touch of modernity has crept into churches. The solid wood lecterns with intricate carvings have a competitor in well designed acrylic lecterns that definitely do not lower the aesthetics of churches; in fact they increase the beauty of the surroundings.

Other common furniture of churches is padded folding kneelers, candleholders, chairs, baptism font and mirrors with excellently carved frames and marble cathedral pedestal. Special mention should be made of bible stands. Here you will be spoilt for choice. From ordinary stands to intricately wood carved ones, from those attached to lecterns to the foldable ones, bible stands hold a special place in all churches and therefore a lot of thought and care is given to selecting one.

Coming to furnishings, it is this that sets apart one church from another. Every church is unique in its set up, in its outlook and this depends on the furnishings. The first is audio video equipment especially in large churches where songs of the choir or the sermons of the priest should be heard loud and clear even from the last row. The carpets should be of the highest quality to stand up to heavy footfalls. Schoolroom furniture and furnishings also form an important part of church furnishings.

Church furniture and furnishings are by no means standardised. Walk into any church and you will be surprised at the exclusivity and individual characteristics of each one.