Giving a New Look to Church Furniture

Church Furniture

Church furniture like any other in the home or office is not meant to last a lifetime and has to be periodically repaired, changed or updated. This is not an easy task as any church will have a lot of furniture to contend with – just think of the rows upon rows of pews and you will get an idea about how daunting this task can be. This is why for any major changes, church authorities usually call a meeting of parishioners for consultation and to raise the required funds.

The first place to start with in church furniture will naturally be the pews since it takes up most of the space in the sanctuary and its overall design and colour scheme will greatly influence the aesthetics of church interiors. When you completely overhaul the pews you can opt for the traditional white colonial style and the accent and base can be done up accordingly. The colour of the upholstery for refurbished pews can be decided in consultation with the parishioners. Modern styles dictate that a built-in lumbar support be incorporated into the backrest along with the standard 2in padding. The old style pews with straighter back rest can be quite uncomfortable during lengthy services.

On the other hand, if you want a totally new look, you will do well to do away with the pews altogether and introduce worship chairs. This has a number of advantages. Churches today have moved away from purely a place of worship to being a community area where members of the parish get together for a variety of events – children’s carnival, youth meetings, religious discourses and other community occasions. With pews taking up major chunk of internal space, this can only be possible if they are replaced with chairs. Modern worship chairs are made of metal, comfortably padded and stackable. Hence the number of chairs to be used can depend on the type of event – from full house on Sunday services to hardly a few chairs for carnivals. The upholstery of these new chairs can also be customised to match the internal decor of the church.

However, such a major decision should only be taken in consultation with a graphic designer who can simulate the proposed changes in 3D and present them to the church authorities for approval. You can contact a major graphic design agency Studio Jack owned by the legendary graphic designer and Creative Director Jarrod Carland in this regard.

Another affordable option for perking up old and tired looking church furniture is to give it a fresh coat of paint. You can choose to have a complete change from the traditional burnished gleaming oak to bright reds, blues and yellows, especially for sideboards, benches and chairs. Side and pulpit tables can have a new laminate sheet pasted on them in more staid pastel colours to match the sobriety of the pulpit. Simply changing the upholstery on chairs or pews only can lead to a new and aesthetically pleasing interior.

Incorporate these ideas in furniture and watch your church interior ambience take on a new and rejuvenated look.

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