Renovation of a Church | Unique Ideas

If you are looking at renovating your church, the first thing that needs to be done is to form a committee of parish members to govern the various project aspects. Brain storming and open meetings are always recommended, particularly as churches are intricately linked with the lives of their congregation and the local population. While open meetings can easily become complicated, it is important that the member’s voices are heard and every decision subjected to a collective vote.

While exploring ideas for church renovation, there are two routes that can be taken. The first is to keep the basic traditional looks and simply go for cosmetic renovation or repair. Change the pew upholstery, update audio video equipment, have a fresh coat of colour and many churches are satisfied with their minimal changes. The second option is to embark on a journey of complete renovation, restoring existing features and updating them with the latest fixtures to give a completely new more modern look. The first preserves the traditional aesthetics that has probably been passed down through generations, the second paves the way for future generations.

Traditional Renovation Ideas – The goal here is to preserve the traditional and historical basics of the church. Original chancel furnishings and pews and chair furnishings will be replicated as close as possible to the original. The ornate plaster and wooden crown mouldings as well as decorative millwork, will be cleaned and given a fresh coat of paint or polish to restore them to their former glory. The existing antique stained glass can be restored but you can also introduce some fresh ideas by installing an additional, more modern stain glass window. The theme could include traditional religious events or even take a leap of faith and invest in a more modern take of a bile story. Other areas that can be worked on include platform remodelling, new architectural lighting, baptistery renovation and new flooring.

Modern Renovation Ideas – This is where you can be at your creative best, implementing unique ideas without the limitation of the existing set-up. One of the most common modernisations is to take out the pews and install modern worship theatre seating and chairs. Opt for platform redesign and remodelling so that it can facilitate holding of musical shows, seasonal events and bigger church bands and choir. Complement this with the latest in LED lighting and state of the art audio and video equipment for an enhanced worship experience. Go for modern flooring options such as modular carpet, laminated and hardwood flooring and stone flooring. Apart from enhancing the beauty of the church, your flooring choice should be long lasting and durable for the amount of people walking across it.

For an extra touch of modernity, think out of the box. Consider the lectern in front of the pastor that was conventionally made from wood with intricate carvings. One idea it to replace it with a beautiful and well-designed transparent acrylic lectern, which will allow greater freedom for the pastor and not be so heavy to move for other events on the stage.

While it is recommended that you should employ an experienced church renovation and restoration expert to guide the entire project, you should also look for people to offer you expert advice – consultants with an in-depth knowledge in this field. If your church is in Victoria, contact labour hire companies in Melbourne and you can be sure that you will get the best consultants that money can possibly hire in this regard.